Welcome To Proximity Church

(Formerly Koinonia House)

We are undergoing the process of a name change; while all is not yet finalized, we are moving forward with the process of changing our online presence and print items. For the time being, we continue to operate as Koinonia House for giving purposes while paperwork is completed. As the transition is complete, we will be removing the name Koinonia House from the site.
We want to emphasize that this change is in name only, and there will be no changes in leadership, style or location of our congregation.


We are a community of believers

seeking to grow in relationship with God and one another,

and to reach out to the world around us with the Good News

that God himself has come to rescue and renew all of creation

through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus,

and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


Our goal is to live as citizens of God’s Kingdom,

which we believe to be a current and future reality,

and to work, play, and serve in our communities

in a way that demonstrates and shares the love and ministry of Jesus.


We gather for worship, prayer and discussion every Sunday morning at 10. We meet at the Camp at Cannon Hill in Boyertown, and welcome you to join us. The address is 482 Englesville Road, Boyertown. Our time together is very informal and dress is always casual. Child care is not provided as we try to cultivate a family-oriented atmosphere that welcomes children to participate in every aspect of our gathering.

If you would like to contact us you may do so through our Facebook page or email us at proximitychurchpa@gmail.com 
Proximity Church is a place that welcomes people in any season of their spiritual journey. Our hope is to share life together in real, meaningful, and practical ways. We recognize that true community is built when we are all able to come with not only our strengths, but also our weaknesses; when we are able to encourage one another with our faith, as well as wrestle together with our questions or doubts.
We absolutely believe in God’s faithfulness and strength, and trust Him to sustain us in every season, and to guide us into Truth.
We strongly believe in the importance of inter-connectedness with the larger Body of Christ, and find value in walking with networks of churches and ministries for accountability, resourcing and partnering in the work God is doing locally, nationally and globally. As a church we are affiliated with the following:
The Ecclesia Network is a growing relational network of churches, leaders and movements who seek to partner, equip and multiply other churches. You can read more about the network and see other churches that are part of this network at ecclesianet.org
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We connect regionally in Pottstown through both Netzer (www.netzer.org) and also the Pottstown Clergy Association.
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